Polamatic: Android’s Polaroid Camera

Since the digitalization of cameras, taking pictures with the use of traditional film cameras has become obsolete and unpractical. While films don’t really cost a penny and you cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes while taking pictures, most film companies have adopted to the digital age and while those who couldn’t went bankrupt.

Polamatic for Polaroid Filter



One major company that still exists today is Polaroid, known in the past for their instant cameras (ones that immediately developed the image via a self developing film). There is an air of uniqueness and retro look qualities that Polaroid cameras possess, which is why people mostly prefer these cameras. Recently, they have launched an application for the Android operating system known as Polamatic, currently available on Google Play.


Basically, the application allows you to capture or import and edit a photo by selecting 36 Polaroid frames including the classic Polaroid white border, 20 photo filters and other features. The frames are high quality scans of the company’s new and vintage Polaroid picture frames. The photo filters allow you to customize your photos in order for you to reach your desired look, which includes Polaroid’s retro look, which I’m pretty sure a lot of people desire. In adding captions, the app doesn’t lag behind from its competitors. You may choose from 24 fonts and a variety of text customization options.
The thing about the app is that it’s pretty useful for people who own Android devices that have advanced and high quality cameras, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 for instance (soon, the Galaxy S4 will have a version that has a 21 megapixel camera known as the Zoom, imagine using Polamatic with it). The app also gives you the option to take pictures directly with the front or rear camera. You can then control the settings like flash and grid. It also allows you to share the pictures you have taken and edited online in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.



In terms of storage, Polamatic saves your photos in your gallery, with the option of preserving the unedited one. You are also able to crop the pics within the Polaroid Classic Border. The app is able to get information about your approximate or precise location and may use additional battery power. Remember, this application doesn’t allow the device to go to “Sleep Mode” when it’s being used. Be sure to return to the main menu of your device before storing it.


Currently, the application has gained favorable reviews among its users and it costs just a penny below a dollar.


The intangibles the Polamatic camera dishes out is it makes old Polaroid camera users feel like they have been warped to the past by using the application. It brings back old memories of the time when pictures came out of thin slots just below the lenses immediately after taking them. It makes new photos look old and brings out that retro feeling experienced by looking at old Polaroid pictures. Aside from its practical functions, it simply is a great tool to experience nostalgia.

Casual Games for Your iPhone 5: A Short Overview

best iphone games

Casual games have taken the front seat in mobile gaming. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or lightning-fast, ninja-like reflexes in order to play them. These games are a hit to people who are not really gamers whose main reason for downloading them is to kill time, especially when travelling or commuting.


Their main function is to keep the user entertained by simplistic gameplay paired by easy-to-learn and oftentimes one-finger controls. The games target the masses, which makes them as popular as strawberry jelly donuts. These games don’t require long-time commitment and special skills in order to fully enjoy them. They are popular within the older population and are mostly female. Also, developers aim to have these games not only on mobile, but also in platforms like personal computers, gaming consoles and handheld gaming consoles. The first casual game is highly considered to be Pac-Man, which is well, one of the highest grossing video games of all time. Other f  amous casual games include Tetris, which is highly-responsible for making Nintendo’s Game Boy a success and Microsoft’s Solitaire which came with the Windows OS. In this entry, we will talk about the best casual games that are a must-have for your iPhone 5. Be sure to have them the next time you ride a train or wait in the dentist’s office.


Mobile gaming – Angry Birds

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Angry Birds. This almost nonsensical game designed by Finland’s Rovio Entertainment is one of the most successful games in 2010, selling over 12 million copies in Apple’s App Store and a combined 1.7 billion downloads in all platforms. This involves flightless and wingless birds going kamikaze against pigs who stole their eggs though the use of the user-controlled slingshot found on each level. There are a variety of birds in the game. There are several versions of the game, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. The game has a widespread pop culture following as well. It is being used as references and comical metaphors in TV shows which include The Daily Show and 30 Rock. The game is also being used in various merchandise. There are Angry Birds stuffed toys, t-shirts and hats as well. Overall, the game version is a must-have for anyone looking for simple, nonsensical fun.

best iphone games


Mobile Gaming – Temple RunTemple Run. This game involves an explorer (at the start, it’s a default explorer who goes by the name of Guy Dangerous) who stole an idol (or sacred relic) in the endless temple and is chased by three evil demon monkeys. The game is an endless running game where in the player has to collect coins (which can be used to purchase upgrades) and power-ups in order to get deeper into the temple. It has several obstacles like fire breathing statues and tree trunks. It was developed by Imangi Studios and was released last August 4 2011 on the iOS and Android last March 27 2012. The game has several spin off versions like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz. These two were done in partnership with Disney. The game received high scores from acclaimed video game critics like Metacritic and IGN. The game now has a sequel, Temple Run 2, which was released in January 2013.


Mobile Gaming – Candy Crush Saga

Casual Games for Your iPhone 5


Candy Crush Saga. The epitome of match three games, Candy Crush Saga surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook. It was originally made for Facebook and personal computers, however, a mobile version downloadable via iOS and Android became available, rendering it a must-have for all mobile users. The game involves a board filled with candies of various colors. The goal is to match as many as you can and reach the score required. Also, aside from the scores, the player is also required to finish quests involving destroying jelly that are trapping candies. Currently, there are 365 levels on the smart phone version.