iPhone 5s: A Preview and Projection

Iphone 5s

iPhone 5s

In the recent smart phone wars, Samsung is prevailing over Apple thanks to devices like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. Currently, Apple Inc’s flagship smart phone, the iPhone 5, has been flying off the shelves since its release last September of 2012 but was overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Right now, Apple fans and smart phone enthusiasts alike are highly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5s, which is expected to be a major upgrade of the iPhone 5. It is rumored to be released in the third quarter of this year.


First off, let’s discuss the RUMORED processor and the software

apple iphone 5s

CPU : A7 Quad Core
Operating System : iOS 7
Storage : Up to 128GB


iPhone processors are generally awesomely fast. Switching from applications and browsing the Internet isn’t really a problem. The speed of a device defines its success, so it seems that Apple may be looking for ways on improving the performance of its devices. Other manufacturers are utilizing quad-core (and even octa-core) processors as of now so Apple may be doing the same. Can you imagine an already quick iPhone with a quad-core processor? Well, I think you already have an idea. Anyway, due to the rise of cheaper Android based smart phones, Apple is also looking forward to gigantic improvements in its newest, but “under development” iOS 7. Smart phone users want it to be faster and a lot easier to use compared to the iOS 6, so Apple must adhere to this if it hopes to eliminate the Android from the smart phone market. Apple is trying to rival devices which has expandable memory (ones with microSD card slots). This is the reason why they are expanding the storage capacities of their newest iPhones up to 128GB. Now that’s big. Really, really, big.

apple iphone 5s

iPhone 5s Display
The 5s Promises To Be More Scratch Resistant
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Dimensions : Reduced height-wise, but bigger horizontally and a lot thinner
Display : A bigger display with thinner borders


Screen size is a vital, contributory factor in the success of a smart phone, which is probably why they increased the height of the iPhone 5. However, they seem to be testing new waters with the iPhone 5s. They reverted it back to the original height (versions before iPhone 5), although the 5s is projected to be bigger horizontally. The front of the phone will be like, made up of 90% phone screen. It is also projected to be better in quality and higher in resolution. The perennial problem of all smart phones is scratching. The 5s promises to be more scratch resistant.


Casing : Either aluminum or plastic
Camera : 12.1 – 13 megapixels (rear), 5 megapixels (front)

iPhone 5S Best Concept 2013 by Red1Lataj


Iphone 5s

Let’s face it, the aluminum casing of the iPhone 5 is pretty scratch-prone. However, the iPhone 5s will hopefully eliminate (or lessen) the problem. Another rumor is Apple might resort to plastic models, which will definitely reduce the cost of the product, but hey, a rumor is a rumor. Here comes the big part. The iPhone 5s will be equipped with a 12.1 – 13 megapixel camera, with a 5 MP mounted in front. Pretty neat eh? The cameras are pretty revolutionary, especially when put in a smart phone scope. It’ll definitely give the Galaxy S4 a run for its money.


The iPhone 5s is rumored to cost as much as $599. Pretty neat considering the major revamp. It’ll definitely be a major hit as this year unfolds. Let’s wait and see.