Infinix Hot 3 Review


Infinix Hot 3( is the new talk of the town. Infinix Mobility keeps on introducing new smartphone devices into the market and soon you will be spoilt of choice. Gradually, Infinix has become a popular brand and always compared to other well established brands. For once in a very long time, you have a real budget smartphone with some semi-premium features. Infinix Hot has come to take over from where Infinix Hot 2 left and boy has it come with some amazing features.


Its size, design and camera are the most notable features of this phone and you will know that this is not any other Infinix smartphone. It is an all rounded phone that will meet the needs of the market. If you are after good photos, the camera is amazing, if you are more about the speed because you are technical person, Hot 3 got your back.  To satisfy your storage needs, Infinix Hot 3 comes with a whooping 16GB internal memory. This phone will definitely change your perception of smartphone. What does the Infinix Hot 3 has to offer?


Summary information

  • Display: 5.5 inches, IPS capacitive.
  • Operating system: Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Processor: quad-core 1.3 GHz
  • Camera: 8MP/2MP
  • Network: 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
  • Other features: pre-installed apps, slim design, FM radio

Display and design: 5.5 inches, IPS, 720x 1280


The first impression when you see the Hot 3 can be ‘what was Infinix thinking!’ but when you place it on your palm, you will realize that you are holding a work of art. The design is unique and impressive and it feels well on your hands. The rounded corners and the soft touch of the back integrate seamlessly to make it comfortable to hold it and the diagonal texture at the back gives it enough firm grip. It is purely made of plastic which explains its light weight. However, it is beautiful and its price makes it even more beautiful. It features a  5.5 inches HD IPS display screen with 16M color range to ensure those true colors pop and deliver maximum brightness for readability when outdoors. The resolution available on the screen is also high to ensure good pixel density, which enhances the clarity of the display. You can attest to the fact that this phone has been highly modified to ensure more quality display.


8MP/2MP camera


How would you define your fun moments in the past? It is always great that all fun moments be colored with some quality photography. Yet not all phones that have the ability to achieve the clarity that you deserve. But you can always find a phone that is affordable and gives you the best quality images and videos. If you are looking for that phone that colors your outings with impressive pictures, I would say you go for Infinix Hot 3.  It has the ability to assure you best video and picture quality that have the same clarity as that offered by a digital camera.


This phone comes with two cameras; the primary and secondary. The front camera is 2 million pixels and will give you best quality ‘selfies’.  They are impressive and the camera is specialized for taking close range pictures. The secondary camera which is the back one has 8 million pixels and this one is specialized for taking all range pictures and videos. As you walk for any occasion and party, make sure you are armed with you Hot 3, to be able to record all the exciting moments with great clarity. This camera is renowned for great reputation and other than clarity the camera is advanced in technology, making it possible for services such as geo-tagging, auto focus, smile recognition and so on.

Performance: 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, Android 5.1



This phone has excellent performance. The performance of any phone or laptop is one of the critical requirements that, makes them useful. This phone has highly been advanced from its former version Infinix Hot 2. Its performance is therefore top notch and virtually gives no room for any flaws. If you are therefore looking for a phone that can perform, lay some emphasis on the processor and the operating system. When the processor is good, the phone will perform.


The Infinix Hot 3 defines how the performance of a modern phone should be. It comes with one of the most adorable processor known as quad-core. This is the processor being used even by highly advanced phones. Its efficiency is proved by 1.3 GHz speed. It gives this phone an advantage because the services are much faster and free from so many errors.  The phone is also able to handle even the most complex apps and games hence you can find what your favorite is and make this phone do the work for you.


The version of the operating system is also another checkpoint towards evaluating the performance of the phone. This phone is visibly qualified to be ranked among the top phones because of its version of the operating system. As the operating system advances from one version to another, the performance of the services takes the same trend. It is worth noting that there some Android versions that does not support some apps or the apps performs poorly. However, with Android 5.1 Lollipop, this phone proves its efficiency and reediness to give you best quality services. It is one of the latest versions of Android meaning that its performance too is good.

Prices review



The smartphone prices in Kenya have strategically declined in the previous years. More shops have sprung up creating a fierce competition hence forcing the process to lower. This comes with an advantage because such a phone like this which initially was almost unaffordable, is now very reasonably priced. As it is per the trends in the Nairobi smartphones market, this phone is among the most inexpensive relative to its qualities which are much supreme. There are of course some variations between different dealers but all in all this phone remains one of the most attractive both in terms of prices and specs.


The price of this phone ranges between KSH 7500 to KSH 8500 and this price keep varying across different sellers. However you can stick to some of the best dealers like Kilimall, where you get this phone at a much lower price than for other sellers. Kilimall is a top online seller in Kenya and leads in availing best electronics to the Kenyan market. This phonies among those products and it comes to you with a highly discounted cost to ensure that you are not deprived your right.

Other features.

16GB internal memory and 1GB RAM.


One of the biggest advantage with this phone is that it is very spacious in terms on the memory and internal storage. It is very important that you can have enough space to store your valuables even without having to acquire a memory card. You can store pictures and videos in its 16GB internal memory that it offers you. You can also freely download apps from play store to widen your services.


This memory is expandable with an SD card of up to 32GB. You can therefore store even more files in this ample space. The RAM for the Infinix Hot 3 has raised some confusion because some versions come with 1GB RAM while others come with 2GB RAM. This phone does provide two version with difference in the size of RAM as some versions come with 2GB while others come with 1GB. So as you make a purchase you can enquire more about the variation. However both phones performs excellently with their allocated RAM.




Hot 3 connects you to the Internet and to other devices. It is the epitome of schmoozing and enables you to access multiple services from across the world through its robust networks that facilitate the connections. If you are a fan of social media, this phone will be your best friend, and you do not need any other device to enjoy online services to the best.


It has the 2G and 3G networks as its inbuilt or mobile networks. You can switch from one to another by adjusting the settings from your phone. This allows you to use the networks for different services. For instance, the 3G network is good when you want faster speed in browsing or downloading. It reaches speeds of 5.6 Mbps while the 2G which is moderately fast can afford speeds of up to 230kbps.


The phone too has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as subsidiary networks. In addition, the phone has a micro USB that allows physical connection between the phone and the computer to ease file transfer. To add up to your entertainment allowance, this phone too has got a great FM radio that is capable of receiving very quality signal for all the stations.